HEALTHEE is the quality brand of U.S.Abroad Health Care dedicated to nutrition and its role in health and wellbeing.By providing wholesome, balanced and delicious meals, together with nutritionist services aimed at analyzing personal profiles and formulating special diets for its customers, HEALTHEE promotes good health through the major building block that is correct nutrition. The foundation of HEALTHEE is built on the medical expertise of its parent, U.S.Abroad Health Care, an organization with years of experience providing specialistic medical services to the public. Through a holistic approach to the medical profession, that meaning paying all-emcompassing attention to every aspect impacting the health of an individual, focused importantly also on prevention of illnesses, U.S.Abroad has the background, resources and professional capabilities to offer excellence in the field of health care. In the specific case of HEALTHEE, U.S.Abroad Health Care supports with competence, those who desire to explore the full benefits of nutrition, to achieve optimal health and overall wellbeing. We look forward to being a part of your nutritional plan and to assisting you in achieving and maintaining great health!

If you'd like a personalized plan...

Following a protocol of analyses we would guide you on, we would formulate a precise nutritional plan just for you and your individual requirements. Furthermore, we emphasize the fact that It is not infrequent that individuals experiencing weight issues, disorders of digestion or, however, of the digestive tract, the effects of intollerances, metabolism problems, low energy levels and illnesses of a diverse nature in the sphere of general health, could gain considerable benefits from consulting with a qualified nutritionist. It is therefore, our pleasure and priority to invite you to request an appointment to consult with our nutritionist in the event you suspect having any issue in the aforementioned contexts. We are confident it could be the best step you could take towards greater physical wellbeing and peace of mind.

Good nutrition is at the very foundation ofgood health


Request an appointment to consult with our nutritionist, for a nutrition plan specifically for you!You can also consult to have a wide-ranging check-up, to know if any disorders you may be experiencing could be tied to your present diet.Filling out the form below, will permit us to inform you of the details of the appointment we will propose to you.

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