Shortly, we will expand on our focus to include a number of regions in Italy and abroad when we will deliver our scrumtious meals directly to the doors of our esteemed customers.Should you require or prefer a personalized diet, either due to existing health conditions, doubts about the same or for specific objectives you would like to achieve where diet is key, we invite you to request an appointment with our nutritionist. In this latter case, you will be guided through a pathway of analyses that will lead to a nutrition plan studied just for you.

Making your order of nutritious and delicious meals from HEALTHEE is as easy as pie!

Due to the fact that we are constantly rotating our most popular meals to offer the greatest range and diversity to the public, we invite you to call our customer care at 0444-663407 to have the most current menu, the cost of each meal and to order should you so decide.We will immediately communicate the date for pick up directly at the HEALTHEE headquarters, within the U.S.Abroad Health Care building, on via Cà Balbi, 84, in Vicenza.Orders generally are ready within 4 work days from the order, at the latest.For those who would like to come to our premises and select on the spot, you are always most welcome. In this latter case, it’s always best to fix an appointment first.

Good nutrition is at the very foundation ofgood health


Request an appointment to consult with our nutritionist, for a nutrition plan specifically for you!You can also consult to have a wide-ranging check-up, to know if any disorders you may be experiencing could be tied to your present diet.Filling out the form below, will permit us to inform you of the details of the appointment we will propose to you.

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